On In Praise Of Editors, Or In This Case, Editor

CAAF, can you take more misty-eyed appreciations? HERE IS MINE. Thanks for so much--particularly the things I'm not smart enough to know to thank you for, yet.

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On 100 Fantastic (Not Best!) Songs From 2012

@AW@twitter Exciting, right? John Zorn's Tzadik label has a box set of his self-distributed solo work from the 70s that is worth acquiring (nice art, good liner essays, some looks at his scores): "Kabell Years, 1971-79."

Also, Wadada plays and conducts on Anthony Braxton's "Creative Orchestra Music 1976," which should have its own hall in the Smithsonian or whatevs.

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On 100 Fantastic (Not Best!) Songs From 2012

@Canting Merengue@facebook Do not be shy about asking, ever! Twitter is a good place to follow critics (for example: @AlexRossMusic and @nightafternight), who link to pieces by themselves and others. It's also where you'll find stray recommendations that critics don't have time/energy to essay elsewhere. I do some of that, too.

Glad the Salonen destroyed you (presumably in the good way). Look into his storied career as a conductor, and you'll stumble upon choice works by composers who have inspired him: names like Ligeti, Lutoslawski, Kaija Saariaho, and John Adams (not the dead president, but a living American composer).

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On Books Cheap

Denon's No Tomorrow is a good, short (and sexy) one -- but it's really just a short story! Not sure how they packaged it as a standalone novel. And in any case, the Lydia Davis translation that NYRB uses is also available in The Libertine Reader (if you could do with more libertine stuff).

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On 'The Artist' And What Makes A Movie 'Foreign'

Cries and Whispers notches a "nah" in that chart?! Well..."I cannot wish for anything better."

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On 100 Great (Not Best!) Songs of 2011

@s. My own objection to Lulu didn't stem from its whodathunkit sonic mishmash -- moments of which were inspired, if "difficult" in their way -- but from Reed's strangely unengaged hijacking of the Wedekind plays. (I did some reporting/close-reading on this angle for a story I never got around to writing, as it happens.)

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On 100 Great (Not Best!) Songs of 2011

@Bobby Womack Oh, just to be clear: those 50 albums (which are ranked) are all ones that I'd rep as being "enjoyable" listens, front to back. Each one obviously isn't suitable for every mood or listening environment, but I think of that as a good thing.

In any case, the albums that are available on Spotify I included in the playlist; if you'd like to hear them as albums, you can click-navigate toward just such an experience!

@Murgatroid Yes, I liked the Stetson but wasn't blown away. But I'm glad you, Nitsuh and many others are into it!

@semiserious @rodt You might like the tracks by Lone and 2562 in the playlist. Plus some of the hip-hop stuff, like Big K.R.I.T., might be used in a pinch by those at a dance party. (The Weeknd ain't for me, stacked against the R&B of Ambrosius, Saadiq, Hamilton, or Nikkiya.)

@Jasmine Heh, might as well be true! But I do think this solo piano CD is the best thing he's released yet.

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On See You Tonight For Our Holiday Party?

@Brian Nah, but I'll be there, droning on about poststructuralism in the corner. (Half of that sentence is true. GUESS WHICH)

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On 'Until The End Of The World' At 20

See also: Four Tet.


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On Happy Birthday, Lion Cubs! Enjoy Your "Bloodcicles" And The Excellent New Wild Flag Video!

@Dave Bry @Matt Interested parties should also look into Timony's Kill Rock Stars LP from 2007, The Shapes We Make. (Full band behind her and everything.)

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