On We Chased Another Woman Off Twitter, Good Job Everyone

@freetzy Because she is funny as shit

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On Change Comes From Within Website

So how smoothly do we expect this to go, compared to the Hairpin handoff?

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On Bagels, In Order

@Dan Blondell@twitter But hot out of the oven on a Sunday morning eaten plain out of the bag, they are the best pretzels you'll ever have. Salt at number one even makes up for egg bagels being on the list at all, which I presume to be a typo.

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On Porn Star Problems

@Matt Langer My response to this piece was similar to Bunburying's. Not much in her writing to suggest she makes any connection between her bad experiences and the bad decisions that precede them: her bad decisions are presented mostly as "cute" while her bad experiences seem to be caused by the loathsome people who drift into her world. Even the main object of her sympathy in this piece (aside from the rat) gets a lecture at the end about maybe having "some foresight" next time. Maybe this just isn't my style of writing, but it didn't leave me wanting more.

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On For Those Who Have Asked Politely About My "Novel"

I was surprised by how quickly my own NaNoWriMo devolved into erotica...

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On I Have Thoughts About Commenting Systems!

Disqus does not play well with RSS feeds in my experience, and takes a real long time to load.

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On Your Weekend Project: Ooey Gooey Maple Blondies

These sound so awesome I am gnawing on my maple desk. Maple is the best.

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On The Vicious Trademark Battle Over 'Keep Calm and Carry On'

An insufferable coworker self-righteously hung one of these posters in her office in reaction to a mundane issue of company politics that she lost. A few months later she did the exact opposite of what the pretty red poster said to do, and in the course of panicking and throwing tantrums temporarily upset the careers of a whole bunch of people. I am heartened to now know that the poster she hung was not history, but kitsch.

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On Watching The Jets At The Old Man Bar

This was great. I wonder if there is anything an Old Man Bar goes through faster than Jameson.

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On The Replacements 1984-1987, In Order

@Cyd Cochise Talent Show!

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