On Is There Anything Worse Than Being A Teen?

Growing up is cool and all, but not taking Morrissey lyrics seriously? Seems like more a sign of willful delusion than maturity.

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On The Most Emailed 'New York Times' Article Ever

Oh man this is so good.

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On Has Anyone Ever Been Happy In A Duane Reade?

I certainly did not expect these comments to be all "aw shucks Duane Reade ain't so bad." I must have misjudged Awl commenters as the ornery poor people from this article, when maybe we're closer to the ornery rich people from this article?


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On Taste Has Never Met Shame: I Love You, Conor Oberst!

"That part at 1:05 when his voice wobbles on “stumble ‘round the neighborhood…” has been, on dozens of cold afternoons when I’m running errands ‘round the neighborhood, more dear to me than my winter coat".

Does that mean you really like your winter coat, or?

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