On Woman Adorable

Watch out Stevie or GRRM will sue you (or eat you); he pretty much hates all fan fiction.

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On The Dying Man On The Windshield

This is truly horrifying. I hope that woman rots in prison.

Well written essay.

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On Guess Which Homo Is Going To See "Ender's Game" Tomorrow?

@jfruh I'm glad I am not going crazy. I saw a trailer where they spoiled it and I thought, "Wait, I thought that was a huge surprise in the book, or did I just completely not catch on quick enough?" I read the book like 10 years ago and couldn't remember if I had missed out. So good to know the trailer just blows it for everyone, instead of me being nuts.

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On The Museum Of 9/11 Golf Balls, Terrorism Sweaters And World Trade Center Knives

Interesting piece, I enjoyed it and his blog.

"That 9/11 throw pillow—are you really going to put it on the couch? I would love to know what the companies thought. I think they intended this stuff to be used, but I don't think people are actually using it."

Yeah, I can tell you that my incredibly redneck, hardcore Republican relatives (who live in a small town on the Virginia-North Carolina border and who have all served in some form in the armed forces) have those pillows, and yes, they are on their couch. Along with 9/11 commemorative plates that you see on infomercials, a giant throw quilt with an image of the towers, and about a million prints of US flags and "Don't Tread on Me" icons. That's just their den.

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On Have YOU Made This Mistake About Sherlock Holmes' Residence?

But…Watson supposedly lived in the room "at the top of the stairs," above the den, which I guess by this logic is therefore 221C, which is never mentioned.
So…my conclusion…is pretty smutty.
Also I am in to that sort of thing, so I'll be ordering that post haste, what what. Or rather, I'll download a sample, see if it's interminable, and if I find it suitable, then I'll be ordering it post haste, what what,

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On "The Thetan Templar," A New Novel By Dan Brown

Four stars. I laughed, I cried, I threw up a little in my mouth.

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On Happy Birthday, Time To Die

True fact. I worked at a newspaper for a few years, doing, among other things, obituaries, and was amazed at how many people died on the birthday.

Let's all have a happy one!

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On Ray Bradbury, 1920 - 2012

I'm devastated, truly. We read "All Summer in a Day" in sixth grade and I've never gotten over it.

My fave is "The Murderer" because it amazes me how something written nearly 60 years ago perfectly nails everything I hate about modern society. The noise! The silence! The wrist watches! You were a visionary, Mr. Bradbury, and I will miss you.

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On "Ask a vertical-transportation-industry professional to recall an episode of an elevator in free fall...."

This is an excellent, excellent write-up of something similar that happened in a Houston hospital. Basically, a doctor was boarding an elevator when it suddenly took off, decapitating him. The article also illuminates how poor the regulation for elevators is -- they aren't really regularly inspected or maintained. Frightening!

(My scariest encounter: I was reading and not looking when I entered an elevator in my dorm once. The elevator had not rested evenly with the floor, so it was two feet lower than I was expecting. Hurt like hell, but at least I didn't get cut in half. Elevators is serious business.)

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On Pizza Toppings, In Order

Bacon only comes in at number 8???? Get the f*ck off the Internet! BACON!

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