Probably have a healthy distaste for most of your mannerisms.

On Our Obsession with the Word "Random": Fear of a Millennial Planet

I would argue that the incorrect use of "ironic" is a far greater threat to the collective sanity of people everywhere.

Ex: "OMG, I was just at Abercrombie too! That's SO IRONIC."

It's a fucking coincidence people. Not irony!

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On "American Masters" Subjects Ranked in Order of Americanness and Mastery

1.Paul Robeson top 10. NOICE!
2.Also, I would argue James Baldwin's mastery of his craft was greater than Ralph Ellison's, "Invisible Man"'s virtuosity notwithstanding.
3.I find Mark Twain's absence bothersome.

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On Taste Has Never Met Shame: I Love You, Conor Oberst!

Yeah, and this guy can team up with Gary Shteyngart and hit all the right Brooklyn spots with their unique brand of existential literary electronica filled with oblique references to Kaballah and Albanian folk tales, mayan mysticism and expensive scotch. I picture a mandolin and keyboard duo with an old drum machine. One day the bros from Das Racist will stumble into the wrong bar, look perplexed and walk out.

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On Taste Has Never Met Shame: I Love You, Conor Oberst!

Potentially Jewish white dude likes tons of other (mostly male) white artists and thinks his derivative tastes are interesting enough to be listed on a website besides Facebook and okcupid. He deigns to include Conor Oberst in this thoroughly uninspired taxonomy and somehow convinces other white people somebody will read his novels.


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