On Fun With Maps: Seven Peculiar U.S. Borders

A better map of the whole Rio Rico mess:

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On People Like Television Show

@usernameguy Craig McCracken != Lauren Faust

However, Craig McCracken 8==D Lauren Faust

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On Sad Man Likes To Flirt on Computer

@Butterscotch Stalin I can't relish in his cock-up.

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On Sad Man Likes To Flirt on Computer

@boyofdestiny Honestly, if he can survive the next 2 weeks, he'll be fine. Then the NY press will find its next shiny toy.

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On France is an Incredibly Foreign Country

@sigerson Not to mention that whole "we don't have an extradition agreement with France" thing.

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On Kids Sing Smiths Song

Those kids really need a day off. They should visit a museum, see some priceless works of art. During lunchtime, they can eat pancreas.

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On Rest Stops On The New Jersey Turnpike In Order Of Jerseyness, Worthiness Of The Former State Residents They Are Named After

RIP, the Admiral Halsey Service Area, aka, that service area that our family never went to but saw signs of when using exit 13A to head to IKEA.

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On 27 TV Shows They Killed Too Early, In Order of Heartbreak

@Ryan Jones@facebook What makes it more heartbreaking was it was finding an audience and doing pretty well in the ratings! The first Brian Fuller show with long-term prospects! And then the Writers' Strike fucked it all up.

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