On How To Make Perfect Risotto

"Shallots sound fancy but their flavor is too subtle" + "chopping the onion finely in a Cuisinart...made the risotto taste terrible" = "2-3 finely chopped shallots"

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On Plagiarism is Everyone's Business and Business is Good

"for students, learning the rules of plagiarism is worse than learning the irregular conjugations of a foreign language. It takes years"

Jesus the kids are dumb now

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On Related: Is There Anything That Makes You Angrier Than Smacking Your Head?

any fancy-pants who thinks that a red-line train is "ancient" has never been on any orange/blue-line train ever.

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On January's 'Vanity Fair' Slightly Larger Than 'Harper's' and About Half the Size of December's 'GQ'

The preferred usage would be to say that the GQ target reader has always been something of a size queen.

Apart from examples like drag, and certainly in the case of size, queen is almost always used in place of enthusiast, not purveyor.

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On Introducing our New Vertical: For Moms Only!

I think the horrifying point is that pretty much everyone is now deeply embedded in the marketing-industrial complex.

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On Wisconsin Plagued By Werewolves

Wisconsin plagued by furries. Local teens horrified by alternative lifestyle.

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On Ugly Thing Costs 25 Bucks

I kind of like the throwback. Not that I'm nostalgic for those dark days growing up in the suburbs of LI, but I never really liked the generic "classy" plates they started doing after they ditched the ugly ones. I do wish it was more old-timey at least font-wise, I especially dislike that ugly word-art EMpire staTE on the bottom. Blech.

And? For $25 you'd think they could spring for raised lettering. Who doesn't want their plate embossed. Now that's classy. Also, if you're going to go retro, why not hit up the cool orange-on-black from the sixties: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_registration_plates_of_New_York

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