On In Austin, Tweeting is Currency

Twitter master Kanye West just announced he'll be performing at SXSW: http://gtcha.me/dU7YYe

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On The Selling of Wisconsin: Enter Koch Brothers' Bag Man Jeffrey Schoepke

Scott Walker just got pranked by a fake David Koch, amazing:

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On The New Radiohead is Suddenly Here: How Insane Should We Go?

And already, the new Radiohead music video has a "Single Ladies" mashup:

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On If The Humans Don't Beat That Jeopardy Computer I Will Never Be Able To Show My Face At The ATM Again

Watson continues to decimate humanity by replacing Andy Richter on Conan:

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On 'The Daily' Really Is the "New York Post Goes to College"

I can't believe Fox News interrupted Egypt coverage for an hour long "Daily" infomercial: http://gtcha.me/eTBZ8j

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On Some Bills Pass

I would say it's working out well for Barney Frank:

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On Why Is Jon Stewart The Only One Talking About The First Responders Bill?

If you didn't watch last night, you can watch clips from The Daily Show's episode on the 9/11 first responders bill here:

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On Lil Wayne Featuring Corey Gunz, "6'7'"

Great track. You can download it here:

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On The WikiLeaks Story

Jimmy Kimmel reveals the Wikileaks nicknames for world leaders:

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On Kanye's Rant, Last Night

Some great musical highlights from last night's show:

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