On The Sad Parents of #Gamergate

Recommended plugin for anyone subjecting themselves to these people: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sjw-to-skeleton/kckodmjikeoncekpplppkkcjolofmacc

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On Let Slip the Tweets of War

"I wonder, when are you supposed to turn to your child and give the speech, in this new scenario?"

That implies there's ever a time when we're not regularly flying airborne explosives at people somewhere in the world.

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On The End Of Comments

Sooo is this like an open thread??

Because I have important news about my cats!

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On Brooklyn Night Court

Love it. It's like NYT's Metropolitan Diary, but actually somewhat interesting and readable and not "rich person sees special snowflake".

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On Bitcoins Mined With Boiling Goo In Secret Hong Kong Facility, Or Something

Between this and the Amazon thing thing, I'm starting to think I finally just completely lost it and now I'm actually a vegetable sitting in a hospital bed completely drugged up and hallucinating an alternate life inside a William Gibson or Neal Stephenson novel.

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Next thing you know we'll all find out everything on Buzzfeed is also written by humans and not procedurally generated sludge spat out SEO Spambots scraping keywords and gifs off google trends and reddit.

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On The Great CitiBike Midtown Hollowing Out

@Bryan Keller - The software and dead station issues do seem mostly resolved now compared to the first two weeks. Right now the biggest problem seems to be balancing (aka fleeing to wretched wastes of midtown, as pictured above), and the available bikes/docks now reporting correctly. If the map says there are 1-3 bikes/docks still available, it's almost certainly empty/full in reality.

In other words: Citibike is terrible, and it's too popular!
(also midtown sucks)

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On What Part Of The Anatomy Does It Require For Three Men To Release A Minimal Note-Taking App That Costs $4.99?

So the world's three most famous Apple fanboys released an app that costs way too much, lacks functionality available in many cheaper competitors, but hey it looks "minimalist"?

I am SHOCKED! Kinda looking forward to the slobbering david pogue review though.

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On Bike Share Not Disastery Enough For Local Tab

Took a few trips around downtown brooklyn and then garment district to hell's kitchen. Lots of curious passers asking about the bikes and how they work. Other than a few minor glitches with the docking stations no problems, and it was lots of fun, and super fast to get between the best subway lines.

They're pretty slow by bike standards but fun to ride. Also, changing up my commute this morning to include 5 minutes of a bike across town instead of sweating a transfer on a pissed scented subway platform has made very very happy.

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On Good News For The Chicken-Curious

So this guy charges $250+ for a six month rental, whereas literally 30 seconds of googling shows that a chicken costs something like $5 from most farmers. Plus if it's too much trouble you can always eat it.

I gotta get in on this racket and start renting chickens in Brooklyn.

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