The Dependent Clause

The Dependent Clause

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On Yuck, "Southern Skies"

Thank you so much for this. It is exactly what I needed.

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On Ask Polly: I'm a Drunk And No One Likes Me!

The first letter was heartbreaking and all-too-relatable. Polly's advice is spot-on. I hope things get better soon, Can't Stop.

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On The Olds Don't Know Where Facebook Is

Your mom is right.

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On Porn Star Problems

This was beautiful; thank you.

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On Boards of Canada, "Reach for the Dead"

@Sister Administrator Seventy-ten

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On Boards of Canada, "Reach for the Dead"

@Danzig! It's still there.

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On How To Get Your Readers To Write Your Newspaper For You

This was a poignant thing to read. It reminded me a little of my days at a small-town newspaper in the late 90s in my hometown—which happens to be Grinnell, IA, home of Hayes' alma mater. At that point we still used film cameras and laid out issues by hand, so most of my shifts were spent in the darkroom or in front of the wax-glue machine we used to assemble layouts.

My boss and mentor there also died a few years ago, but he was a genius. Also a chain-smoker. Also an alum of Grinnell College.

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On In My Day Naughtiness Was Harshly Penalized

When I was nine I was rooting around in my parents' bedroom closet a few weeks before Christmas, looking for my presents, and I found the complete Voltron (this was in 1985), and my mom caught me in the act and told me she was going to return all my presents to the store, and I was distraught, but when Christmas came I still got all my presents, including the Voltron, and I was the happiest boy in the world.

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On A Handy Test for Reddit Users: Are You on the Internet Right Now?

My students who talk shit about my class on Twitter apparently don't think they're on the Internet.

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On A Conversation With D.T. Max About His New David Foster Wallace Biography

This is wonderful. I look forward to reading this book with equal parts excitement and dread. I still miss him so much.

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