On Don't Piss Tony Off

When I sat in on a Supreme Court session a couple years ago, Clarence Thomas was dozing off like a high-school student in civics class. I suppose he feels his apotheosis was accusing Anita Hill of placing a pubic hair on his Coke can, and need say no more before he shuffles off this mortal coil.

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On What Were Black People Talking About on Twitter Last Night?

I, uh, acknowledged this trending topic earlier today (http://twitter.com/CourtneyReimer/status/5619693024), but didn't consider that in so doing I might be making some kind of racist commentary on it. I guess I don't really consider the "U ain't hittin' it right" meme to be strictly the province of black people.

It reminded me of a Fucked in Park Slope post about a fracas that broke out in the Court Street movie theater after a woman refused to shush her crying baby (http://www.fuckedinparkslope.com/home/i-will-never-go-to-the-court-street-movie-theater-again.html). One of the commenters accused the writer of the post of being racist by calling out the women involved; another defended the writer by pointing out that she'd never once referred to the race of the brawling theatergoers. The writer merely recounted some of the dialogue, which the accuser interpreted as coming from black people.

Point is: I don't think it was only Black People on Twitter who drove #uainthittinitright, though the bulk of the Tweeters of it may have indeed been black.

Or maybe I'm just being defensive. Anyway.

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On Cooking the Books, with Emily Gould: Homemade Cinnabons with Bennett Madison!

Distracting, yes, but the right kind of clever.

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On Cooking the Books, with Emily Gould: Homemade Cinnabons with Bennett Madison!

Serious points for the "Prose Before Hoes" shirt, Emily. That's fantastic.

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On Needless Wonky Abbreviation Will Make History Murky!

But where do we stand on SCOTUS?

My inner teenage boy will never not giggle at that one.

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On Harvard Totally "Fucked" As Goldman Sachs Alum Flees

Maybe Harvard's large endowment has begun its second act as a genetically gifted high school teacher. See: HBO's new series, Hung.

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On Megan Fox Explains "Transformers" Core Demographic

Harry totally stopped paying attention to what she was saying as soon as her hands went around that imaginary "weighted sand bag."

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On Ben Kunkel Was Right

Also: is there a template that forces the commenter to include "as a heterosexual female" or "as a heterosexual male" at the start of each comment? Weird.

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On Ben Kunkel Was Right

The belt she's wearing used to belong to me before I purged my closet of things I should never have had in the first place. She definitely pillaged the clothing-donation bin on Washington Ave. & St. Johns in Prospect Heights.

Oh, I'm supposed to be commenting on that other site? My bad.

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On MTV To Add Valuable Lyncanthropic Perspective To "Teen Wolf" Franchise

I can think of no better way to kick sand in the eyes of the 75 people who were laid off yesterday than for MTV to put their salaries towards a remake of "Teen Wolf."


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