On Free The Network

"For the most part, this model assumes that you, the creative but unpaid laborer, have some private resources on which to draw while you do the work you love; in other words, it assumes some privilege and comfort."

You know what? I do a lot of random online things - some paid, some for free - and I've never even considered this. And I realize the reason I've never considered it is exactly because of the privilege and comfort you mention.

This was an EXCELLENT read.

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On Photos of Sara: The Fake Stalker and His Secret Tumblr

@prizzzle Yeah... Kate sounds like a real George Glass.

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On Why Aren't Gays Funny?

@transcendental floss James Adomian is hilaaaaarious.

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On A Move-by-Move Divanalysis of Jacob Lusk's 'American Idol' Performance

Wow. I lost my shit when Luther Vandross died, but this guy seems like he could be the second coming! All he needs is an awesome songwriter.

And I third the fact that it seriously doesn't matter if he wins or loses. This is the most I've seen of AI in years and I'm on board.

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On The Most Emailed 'New York Times' Article Ever

This is beyond perfect! It's the details: "the popular social networking website" and "referring to the highway connecting New York City to the Catskills."

Kudos. I love this.

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On John Sex, "Rock Your Body," 1988

The hair-crown is but a facade!

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On Not Calling Next Year ‘Twenty Eleven’ Will Be the End of Us All

J'accuse! As an aspiring quaintrelle, I'm given to a bit of hedonistic indulgence. The Year of Our Lord two-thousand-eleven it is!

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