On Bob Hoskins, 1942-2014

Sadly there is no video of his performance as Nathan Detroit on stage in the 80s but he was great in that too.


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On How To Not Barf

I can only assume the people who can count the times they've puked up on one hand have never drunk too much alcohol. What the hell were you all doing in your teens and twenties?

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On What Should We Call The Girls Who Like To Learn?

But who will the BMOC give his varsity jacket to if there are no more coeds?

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On In Defense of Explaining Things

Why I Liked This A Lot

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On Coffee Merely Good


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On How "Adventure Time" Came To Be

Hope you can do something as great as this for Steven Universe in a few years

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On The End Of Comments

AV Club comments are still a good read, usually gives me a chuckle on the bus

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On The Miata Is 25

They remind me of Florida in the 90s, that and the Mitsubishi Eclipse

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On The End Of Comments

Better to take out your anger on some random stranger in a comment section than keep it bottled up. That's what I always say.

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On Which Kate Bush Do You Dream Of?

I like Michael Bracewell's description of her in his book England Is Mine: "Pop’s equivalent of the mad girl in the attic… covering the territory of Angela Carter’s A Company of Wolves in the guise of a pre-Raphaelite raised on Jackie”

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