On Raymond Chandler, In Order

I like The High Window more than that but you'd have to be on crack to dispute the #1

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On Big Words Bad, Gone Soon

The WSJ had to explain what 'fastidious' means? Jeeeesus.

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On On Lena, On Rihanna, On Kimye: The Very Necessary Death Of "Vogue"

I guess no one cared when Kim was on the cover of W - supposedly a more snooty high-fashion mag.

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On Our Lives In The Post-CD Music Economy

Shit, no bastard ever paid me for all those mixtapes I made for college parties

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On God Damn, "Shoe Prints In The Dust"

It's a gritty reboot of Village of The Damned

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On Tony Benn, 1925-2014

Tony Benn's 'Five Questions to Power':

What power have you got?
Where did you get it from?
In whose interests do you use it?
To whom are you accountable?
How do we get rid of you?

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On Inside The Barista Class

As one of those annoying people who loudly asks for 'COFFEE coffee' instead of some fancy something-cchino brew, I think this was excellent.

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On Enjoying Life Is The New Smoking

Old people in the future are going to be really fucking boring aren't they? Telling their Grandkids how they never did anything fun.

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On Instruction Against Extensive Analysis Complied With

But at least Cooper cropped out Jared Leto

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On Jobriath's Revenge

Jobriath failed because we already had one glam rocker dressed as an androgynous spaceman and he made better records, even if he was only pretending to be gay.

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