On Where Is The Follow-Up To 'Eureka Street'?

Yes! Everyone should read this book. The poetry reading with the fake Seamus Heaney is hysterical.

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On The Heat: "America’s Worst Sporting Nightmare is Coming True"

@gumplr Terry is as tough as Marlon Brando.

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On Let's Talk 'Valley Of The Dolls': Barbs, Boobs And Revolting Kissers

@Baboleen Me too; the entire opening scene, actually. I think VoTD is partially to blame for my (regrettable) decision to move up north.

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On 27 TV Shows They Killed Too Early, In Order of Heartbreak

@Hez Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

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On New York Stand-Up. Or Not.

Redmond? Bitch, please.

-- Go For Wand

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On Mardi Gras In New Orleans

Oh, K&B ... I could go for some Creole Cream Cheese ice cream.

Also, the Rosenberg's jingle will be playing in my head for at least the next 40 days.

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