On Twenty-Seven

@lamesauce absolutely! minneapolis, in the summer, is... wunderbar!

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On Twenty-Seven

@Ames@twitter Live it up!

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On Twenty-Seven

@WaityKatie ... Oh gawd, can't "waity"!

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On Twenty-Seven

@juicetin Oh, I'm terrified of Black Bears based on a camping experience this summer, where every ranger told us that we would be killed and eaten if the night if we left even a scrap of toothpaste spit on a log because the bears would smell it from 20,000 leagues away. I don't know if this is not a common fear.

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On Finally, Again, Permanently, Stop Writing "Lede"

it just means it'll be on A1 in "all" editions... is that really nyt specific? or just used by any national newspaper, of which there are now very very few... sadface.

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