On Lipa Schmeltzer, The Hasidic Jew Who Makes Hilarious, Magic Music Videos

The cellphone thing was actually part of a large PR push last summer to curb cellphone use among the Hassidic population - Talmudic scholars didn't spend much time pondering the implications of social networks. The peak of the activity was a more-or-less "secret" meeting at the new Citifield, with overflow in Arthur Ashe. It was a pretty crazy event, from what I hear from some folks who worked the thing.

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On Go See Action Bronson Tonight And Help Feed Somalian Refugees

Hi! I'm one of the event's organizers. In this instance, it meant "every dollar that passed to our hands from the club" - this was proceeds from the door. After we tallied that up and added in some other donations we cleared $1,050.

Other times this means other things - ideally, we like to make money back on room rentals and artists fees, so we can do it again next time. These shows aren't designed to make money for a cause, they're designed to bring the NGO's name into a context that's less of a bummer than their cause - hence, AB rapping to feed folks. If a show is enough of a beast, we'll negotiate "rates" with the NGO we're working towards as well.

LOOK OUT FOR: Chris 'Daddy' Dave and Z's, somewhere in January, on behalf of we're not sure yet...

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On Jim Jarmusch Wants You to See These Monodramas!

I'm the projections programmer, and I can tell you first-hand all three acts are definitely worth multiple sit-throughs. And don't even get me started on how sexy Michael Count's idea of an "opera set" is.

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