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On Internet Terror Cell Neutralized

You have been trolled, you have lost, have a nice day.

Yes, they are laughing about this article over on their site.

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On Which Kind Of Annoying Contrarian Are You?

Popcorn kernels do not get stuck in your teeth any more, they have changed the variety http://www.abc.net.au/landline/content/2013/s3782472.htm

Having strong opinions also means you will have to put up with being abused from time to time, people will go out of their way to do it. Even if you are only sharing opinions with friends and not in public.

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On Russian Sky Explosion Maximum Power

There were also a whole lot of Russian swear words that went to air in English speaking countries with no one noticing. "What is that? Some kind of c--- meteor?" the most notable. It was not even shouted, just mentioned in passing.

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On Your Beautiful Pictures Are Stupid: Against Trendy Digital Photography

Click bait! A little dab'll do ya! Click bait! You'll look so debonair! Click bait! The girls will persue ya! Simply dab a little on your hair!

Meh. None of my photos are too pretty, do you want to see the one of the roast chicken at the punk gig or the canteloupe?

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On Taking The Silver Cure

Not helping the case for silver by dropping into the crazy talk. Are there any scientific studies at all? Exposure to heavy metals is generally viewed as a bad thing.

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On Inside The Chive

Was going to contribute content to that site, but balked at the terms and conditions of "we own everything you submit". I'd rather keep my work on my own site where I can at least get something for it.

There are worse communities online that people spend too much time on. I need to not mention them here but the anonymous message boards have some of the worst things I have ever seen on them and I have seen a lot in my time.

Also there are some forum sites that have a higher barrier to entry than normal. The famous $10 for SomethingAwful at least makes you consider your actions and another site requires all members to go on probation for six months before they gain access to the full member forums (it is part of a wider organisation however.)

There are the smaller "pages" on Facebook that have communities based around them, but they are prone to spamming and uncivil arguments. They are still the closest to recreating the type of forum that used to exist with newsgroups from the 1970s all the way through to the 2000s (many of the NNTP servers are now being decommissioned.) Instead of 4chan there used to be only alt.tasteless and you knew the actual names of people with the fetishes instead of them just having a shock site or meme.

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On There Are Now Just 357 American Drive-In Theaters

I remember the local drive in closing, we turned up one night and it had closed without warning. Home VHS had a big impact. There are still 3 drive ins in my city that serve a wide area. There used to be a lot more as like the USA, Australians use their cars a lot.

It's certainly not helped by rights holders demanding that those holding the only remaining 35mm prints of some movies are being asked to destroy them. It is on record and you can listen to the show it was discussed on "on demand" (Film Buffs' Forecast on RRR FM.)

There was a discussion of the switch to digital on the film show of a local community radio station and they compared it to the introduction of sound in that it seemed to start slow, then suddenly everyone was on it.

There are now no labs processing 35mm film stock in Australia, it has to be sent overseas. Also many of the older film houses with just the one screen are going to go out of business in the next year or so due to not being able to get any prints (Fox Australia went totally digital.)

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On Shutter Madness

At my last count it had taken me around 10 years of solid shooting to get around 400,000 exposures with a digital camera. I do edit them as soon as possible and acknowledge around 10% of the ones that are the best. You really do need to have something you specialise in to get the best photos.

I spend more time cataloging and backing up photos than I do shooting. Even though not as many people look at these days, I do still put up a gallery on my website and write about where I took the photos. Have been doing that for ten years also.

I can't even imagine if I could still be doing it even for another ten years let alone for several decades as this artist did. I am still learning how to take photos and have not studied it formally.

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On Five Super-Easy Tips For Dealing with the Apocalypse! From Our Partners At 'Living Lady!' Magazine

Or you could just move to Australia and live through a similar situation for real, it did actually seem that the entire world was on fire on one particular day. So now that's three "once in a lifetime" fires we have had in the last 30 years? Might have to stop calling them that. Even the deniers could not argue about warming when it stopped raining for six years, the desalination plant is going to have to be used one day.

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On Why Can't We All Acknowledge Baz Luhrmann's Genius?

I involuntarily yelled out "OH FUCK OFF!" upon seeing the trailer for the Great Gatsby on the big screen when his Baz Luhrmann's name came up. The last time I did that was in the Legend of the Fist - Return of Shen Zhen when the hero was outrunning machine guns and killing the Keiser's soldiers.

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