We Can Be the Generation That Ends Smoking

TITLE SHOTS : Conor McGregor

In the video above, Fightland teams up with Sailor Jerry to explore Venice Beach with Irish UFC featherweight Conor McGregor to learn how his obsession with movement has shaped his fighting style.

Title Shots is a series of stylized short films that take viewers inside the minds of professional fighters, providing a one of a kind intimate look of whats going inside their mind rather than what's going inside the octagon.

A Battlefield Where Speed Is Everything

They can accelerate faster than a Ferrari, strike with 10 times the g-force of a space shuttle, and outmaneuver a fighter jet. Whether the battlefield is the dark underworld of the forest, the bizarre netherworld between the river and the ocean, or the scorching hot Namib Desert, Smithsonian Channel's second season of Speed Kills follows the world's fastest predators as they use their incredible speeds for lethal means. READ MORE

Never Ever Ever (Ever) Get Lost Again With Hertz NeverLost

Brought to you by Hertz

If you're like the average car renter, chances are you usually skip paying for the GPS option and instead rely on your handy smartphone. However, this new video from Hertz illustrates why a smartphone might just not cut it. Whether it's spotty service reception, the extreme battery drain, or those unexpected data charges that we’ve all encountered, you'll want to think twice about substituting on your next car rental. .

At Hertz, they’ve created NeverLost, an incredible service that's unlike any GPS or app out there. Why? Because you can plan your entire trip online and get a four-digit code to plug into the device. And if you’re feeling lazy, you can simply call their live concierge team directly for a customized preloaded USB with all of your trip destinations programmed in and shipped to you to at no cost.

With Hertz NeverLost, you’ll drive a whole lot safer and a whole lot smarter! Learn more about NeverLost here.

Geocaches for the True Adventurer

Brought to you by Pacifico

In case you're not familiar with the increasingly popular outdoor activity known as "geocaching," prepare to have your mind blown. In geocaching, participants use GPS and other navigational devices to hide and seek "treasure chests" called geocaches anywhere in the world. This modern day Indiana Jones activity allows a person to sign a logbook within the cache as proof that they actually made the journey, and also to trade "treasures" inside the chest.

Check out below some of the most adventurous geocaches for the bravest of the brave. When done, head over to discoverpacifico.com to explore more off-the-beaten-path destinations thanks to GPS coordinates found under every Pacifico beer bottle cap.

International Space Station

scene composition: litho, frame 22

We would argue that this is the most remote location of all geocaches in existence. In 2008, a private 'space tourist' named Richard Garriott left a geocache in locker #218 of the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS). With the ISS constantly floating about 250 miles above the earth, this cache is essentially moving at nearly 17,000 miles per hour as it circles the earth, which is fast enough to complete an orbit every 90 minutes!

Mount Everest Summit

Mount Everest Summit

This geocache exists for the most skilled mountaineers. Set on top of the tallest mountain range in the world, this geocache is close to 30,000 feet about sea level. To locate this geocache involves braving fierce winds, spasmodic weather condition changes, and extreme altitude.

The Leap

The Leap

You pretty much have to be Indiana Jones' soul sister or brother to find The Leap geocache. Located in Arizona, The Leap requires an incredible set of feats; steep hills, numerous drop-offs and cliffs, gigantic boulders and formidable terrain. The last few feet to the geocache demand a Super Mario Bros video game skill; jumping four to five feet leaps from rock to rock. Misjudging leaps means falling a very deadly plummet of over 100+ feet to the bottom.

Registan Desert

Registan Desert

The Registan Desert Earth Cache is found right in the middle of Afghanistan. The dry and treacherous desert can be discouraging, but according to Geocaching.com, over 35 people have visited and logged the cache here!

The Secret Falls of Kimbuma

Secret Falls of Kimbuma

The Secret Falls of Kimbuma cache is located in one of the most underdeveloped and dangerous countries on the planet. Fearless souls must cross the treacherous Wamba River and endure a perilous hike across risky jungle terrain. On top of that, very few people outside of the Democratic Republic of Congo actually speak local languages, making the journey even that much more inconceivable.

Now that you're well-versed in geocaching, grab a Pacifico Beer and use the GPS coordinates under the bottle cap to explore some more accessible, incredible locations at discoverpacifico.com.

The Spirit of BACARDÍ — a Graphic Novel


Stylish LG G3 Sets New Standards

Brought to you by LG G3

The latest addition to join LG’s G series, the LG G3 phone, is sleek, stylish and innovative to its core. Offering an even more sophisticated look and feel from other popular devices in the family, the G3 also delivers a simplified user experience. The device features a gorgeous, 5.5-Inch Quad HD display for a fuller viewing experience, a metallic fingerprint-resistant brushed exterior, and Laser Auto Focus to cut down on the time it takes to focus. 

For more information, visit LG on Facebook

Meet the Palestinian Women's National Football Team

VICE Sports and Budweiser meet the Palestinian Women's National Team as they prepare to challenge a men's team to see how football can bridge cultural divides and combat conventions that discriminate against women.

Join the #UnitedWeShave Movement This Summer

This Independence Day, Schick® Quattro® is inspiring guys to reclaim their chins, buck beards and make this the summer of the jawline.

Guys, stop hiding your face and take back summer for the clean shaven because it’s hip to be square jawed with Schick® Quattro®. None of those jet powered, radio alarm clock, blades up the wahzoo razors for your face. All you need is a Schick® Quattro®, which does the job and does it well with its four blades of awesome righteousness.

Are your ready to join the Schick® Quattro® #UnitedWeShave movement and take back summer for the clean-shaven?

National Geographic Is Calling All Modern Day Explorers

Brought to you by National Geographic

Whether you prefer to explore in the outback or under a microscope, National Geographic is looking for the next generation of explorers in any field to submit their dream project for "Expedition Granted," where one person’s proposed expedition will be fueled by $50,000. 

Check out this video featuring Brain Games host Jason Silva, who shows you how to submit your big idea at expeditiongranted.com. Whether your goal is to secure a future for captive wildlife or bring music lessons to those who can't afford them, National Geographic and their incredible advisory council want to see your vision. 

To see other innovative project ideas that have already been submitted, head over to expeditiongranted.com, where you can vote for your favorite finalist from September 16-29 to help them win the $50,000! This nationwide competition was developed in partnership with National Geographic, 21st Century FOX and sponsors the Jeep brand and Dos Equis.