On Man Finally Gets Around To Book From 2010

Thank you for this. A good book recommendation is worth its weight in gold. Though come to think of it a recommendation doesn't actually, you know, weigh anything.

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On Why You Should Not Use Twitter For Corporate Customer Service: A Cautionary Tale

Right. So corporations will stop being assholes if we just don't complain about them on Twitter?

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On What Was Your Favorite Sentence in the Barney Frank 'Vows'?

Hope they played the International Ladies Garment Workers Union theme song as they walked down the aisle: youtu.be/QO7VUklDlQw

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On Understanding the Barclays Craziness

But this being Brooklyn, you can get a cool t-shirt about it: http://www.misswit.net/AtlanticPacific

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On You Are Not a Curator, You Are Actually Just a Filthy Blogger

Question! When you are a social engineer do you get to wear a cute little blue-striped cap?

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On Nicki Minaj Featuring Chris Brown, "Right By My Side"

It's Maya Rudolph doing her Donatella Versace impression.

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On Occupy a Four Bedroom at 75 Wall Street for $22,950 a Month

And don't forget stories like this one (from the NY Post, no less!) about downtown businesses that are thriving because of the protestors:

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On The Oakland Police Department's War on Citizens

But didn't you guys read the caption on the linked cop-kitty story? The protesters LEFT BEHIND A KITTY. TEH MONSTERS.

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On The Soothing Sounds of the Indielectual Lifestyle

I love listening to dadrock in my momjeans.

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