On Why Yoga Can Be So Irritating (Although You Should Go Anyway!)

Sometimes a dude-ly chuckle really just is a chuckle and not necessarily a gender commentary.

As in: "I can't believe the popping sound my knee just made" or "Hey this is fun" or " I think my balls are falling out of my shorts."

I started going to yoga to help with aching from playing hockey (MANLY SPORT ALERT!) and it's great, it really makes you feel a few inches taller for a few hours until it wears off. Highly recommended.

I'm not really into the spiritual side of it and luckily the teacher at the studio I've been too is pretty casual about it. The clientele is more Park Slope moms than hippies though, so maybe that helps.

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On If People Are Going To Ride Bicycles In New York In This Weather, We Can't Win

"Wait, what's wrong with complaining about the new Times Square? I don't even live in NYC and I hate it."
It just strikes me as funny that a city of people who pine for the "character" of the bad old days get the vapors on sight of a cyclist like a bunch of little old ladies.
"Also, you are the asshole cyclist that I can't wait to mow down in my Prius. Gunnin' for you, kiddo – when smug meets smug at 30mph, I'm gonna win."
You're making a lot of assumptions about me on a single post – I'm neither kiddo nor maniac – and I wouldn't have thought a Prius could do 30MPH, anyways. :)

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On If People Are Going To Ride Bicycles In New York In This Weather, We Can't Win

"do not like that I have become this way and it makes me want to stop biking sometimes."

No. I am certain that there is an ironic venn diagram that places people who complain about cyclists in the same space as people who complain about the new Times Square, or hipsters, or gentrification, or how people can't handle New York City and should move back to the suburbs because they don't want to hear assholes shouting outside a club at 3AM.

Why is it that cyclists are the only ones that have to follow the "rules"? Who doesn't jaywalk? Who doesn't speed? Who doesn't text or yak on the bluetoof while crossing the street/dragging their child across the street/driving/ordering fast food?

It's New York. Suck it up and stop being a city of whiners. And look both ways before stepping on the street, lardass.

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