On The End Of Comments

I love reading comments, but leaving them gives me anxiety.

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On How Should A Game Be?

HOLY CANOLI man! Spoiler alert w/ the end of Bioshock. I haven't played it yet and I feel a little robbed.

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On The High-Stakes Crushed Or Fried Debate

Rainy day.

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On Take A Minute To Watch The New Way We Make Web Headlines Now

The headline style comes from Reddit. No doubt.

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On Huge Tosser Makes Sense: Russell Brand on UK Riots

@barnhouse At first, when he talked about achieving fame as "ashes in the mouth," I was kinda like, wha? Google searches on the phrase showed its provenance in the book of Isaiah, referring to false idol worship, pursuing things that are ultimately unsatisfactory, etc. Neat.

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On Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert

I would LOVE to hear what you have to say about Malcolm Gladwell. Seriously.

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On 21 Best Albums of 2010--With No Kanye On It

The mix is amazing. Especially if you are on shrooms, like I am. Somewhere candlelit. With a friend. BUT THIS MIX! It just faded out, just now. It was an adventure. At first it was all... kind of stoner beats. AND THEN... best. party. ever. Dancing. And then it calmed down, and was so mellow and beautiful and worldly. UFGH worldly. I hate that word but there it is. Alright, bye guys. I'm having a good time.

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On The Next New World

Holy frijole is right.

I still think this piece was really fucking good. Not flawless, but duh? These commenters are blowing shit way out of proportion. Maria, did you kick someone's dog?

I thought the description of container ships was fascinating, in its simultaneous awesomeness and horror of scale. Oh, the humanity...

But really, these comments! If you got one thing absolutely right, it's this: "The usual Manichean (or should I say American) habit of taking everything to extremes never seems to reckon with the possibility of a middle ground." Yes.

@Scrooge: Shooting low hanging fruit? I think she's going for the whole tree here.

@Shostakobitch: Clearly, compromise does not compute.

@Capitalist: "You can take her statement as a dig at the corporation, but when you swing at Wal-Mart, you're swinging at a whole lot of the American public." Let's not forget that the American public has also enjoyed swings at the whole lot of Wal-Mart, namely in the form of Buy-N-Large from the immensely popular Wall-E. Also consider so many James Cameron movies, from Avatar to Alien, where a giant corporation is always the ultimate villain. Nothing new or elitist, really.

Targeting Wal-Mart and gigantic container ships is not lazy. To many, they are harbingers of doom. This post, like every other this past week, is about the end of the world. Overreaching themes, nihilism, idealism, active imagination... par for the course.

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On The Next New World

Also, Maria, this was wonderful.

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On The Next New World

Mark Osborne's CLAY-ANIMATED (yay) short, aptly titled "More":

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