Why You Should Not Use Twitter For Corporate Customer Service: A Cautionary Tale

Last spring, my first in a new apartment, I was careful to order my air conditioner way ahead of the first heat wave. I picked out a window unit from Home Depot online and scheduled delivery for a Friday in mid-May that I'd chosen as a spring-cleaning vacation day. READ MORE

How Not To Die Of Rabies! A Chat With Bill Wasik And Monica Murphy

Is there a disease more sensationally gruesome, more thrillingly disturbing than rabies? The macabre virus, which has haunted the imaginations (and nightmares) of nearly every human culture for thousands of years, is the subject of a new nonfiction book by Wired journalist Bill Wasik and veterinarian Monica Murphy, a husband-and-wife team perfectly matched to tackle the cultural history of this most dreaded of zoonotic infections. READ MORE

Prank Disgusting Southern Casserole

Three years ago, my friend Stephanie and I were both invited to celebrate Thanksgiving at a mutual friend's house. Most of the people coming, including the mutual friend, were crazy insane foodies. Just complete and total insufferable food snobs from hell (but were great otherwise!). So Stephanie and I, who are not foodies, and who are both from northern Florida, decided to bring a fake, disgusting casserole and pass it off as a Northern Florida/Southern Thanksgiving tradition that both of our families, who didn't even know each other, made every year. (The other people at this Thanksgiving celebration, in addition to being foodies, were also Northerners.) READ MORE

9 Things Jimi Heselden Did In His Life That He Is Less Likely To Be Remembered For Than Driving A Segway Off A Cliff

9. Grew up working class in Halton Moor, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England READ MORE

Down the Rabbit Hole: A Guide To Rabies Videos

There are more than one hundred rabid raccoons in Central Park this summer. There are probably rabid raccoons in a lot of places this summer. There are also, it turns out, quite a lot of rabies-related videos available on YouTube. The other day I found one after watching a completely innocent video of an adorable (non-rabid) raccoon, and couldn't stop watching videos related to rabies, for hours. The most common types of YouTube rabies videos, of pets and children with a foam-like substance on their mouths, will not be included because they're not nearly as cute or interesting as their uploaders seem to think they are. READ MORE

Tom Cruise Movies In Ascending Order of Tom Cruise's Hotness

34. Tropic Thunder READ MORE

The Summer I Spent Committing Forgery For A Terrible Cause That Is Ruining The World

Summer: No season better symbolizes the feeling of freedom and the sense of possibility for which we long throughout the rest of the year. With Memorial Day-the unofficial beginning of Summer 2010-coming on Monday, we asked a number of folks to reflect on the season. We'll be publishing their thoughts throughout the week. Hooray, here comes summer! READ MORE

Being Christlike: Tamara Lowe, The Motivational Rapper For Jesus

What are the Christians up to these days? Rapping! Or, well, "rapping." Still. But in a weird new TV-show-referencing way. This video comes courtesy of an honest-to-goodness Mom email forward: It's a middle-aged lady, Tamara Lowe, doing her trademark "rap," which is about cramming as many pop culture proper nouns into one singsongy poem as possible. (And God, and the Bible.) READ MORE

Cat Expert: The Shocking Truth About 'OMG Cat'

Remember the viral sensation known as "OMG Cat"? Of course you do, it was last week. Today I spoke with the world's foremost expert on internet cat videos, Brad O'Farrell, who in addition to writing the blogs Snuzzy (about cute animals) and Moar Rawr (about evil animals) and a Tumblr entirely devoted to Cats + LOLing is also the loving co-parent of a cat named Amex. And if that isn't enough expert-ness for ya, Brad is also the original creator of the Keyboard Cat video. (That's right: he found the cat video just sitting there on YouTube, edited it, created the "play them off" concept, gave it the "Keyboard Cat" title, and cleared the rights for both his video and everyone else's parodies–all that.) Brad IM'd me about something that was bothering him — and in this resulting interview, he reveals his shocking theory about OMG Cat. Warning: if you read this you'll probably never be able to truly enjoy an extraordinary cat video again. READ MORE

Old Christian Videos: Amy Grant's "Lead Me On"

"Lead Me On" was the title track of the album I've always half-jokingly referred to as Amy Grant's "Dark Album," but it really is. In the song, Amy sings about slavery, the Holocaust and man's inhumanity to man. "Lead Me On," the album, came out in 1988 and was a financial failure, though years later it would be named the best Christian album of all time by CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) Magazine. They were correct. READ MORE