On Ketan Vora, Internet Superstar

@Vera Knoop Yep -- alternately, the Internet is finally getting old enough that early web memes are being forgotten, and will be recycled infinitely. Website where I pretend to order a chili dog, coming right up!

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On What's Invisible At Harvard: A Conversation

Though I didn't come from a family that could in any reasonable sense be described as poor, I have to say I identified with much of this, coming from a solidly middle-middle-class background in south Texas to Dartmouth.

The minor Ivies have a real propensity for attracting people who are less on-guard about their own class prerogatives, and Dartmouth, with its exorbitant dues for the frats and sororities that 70% of its student body belong to, is pretty grim in that regard.

It doesn't help that the Upper Valley is a really economically depressed area, Hanover excepted, and that classmates would pretty regularly snark on locals.

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On Nearly 100 People Choose Their #1 Album of 2010

I rather liked that Deerhunter album. That's probably my favorite.

Though I probably listened to Murmur and Fulfillingness' First Finale more than any 2010 record this year.

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