On Cover Stories

Last months Derek Jeter cover got ruined by tears.
In good news, tears are really great at getting the subscriber label off the cover without leaving residue.

Posted on October 2, 2014 at 8:43 pm 0

On Dinosaurs in Space: A Paleocosmological Rebuttal

I get all the evolutionary mad science I need from L Ron Hubbard, thank you Mr Breslow.

Posted on April 19, 2012 at 7:35 am 1

On The Race To Run Knifecrime Island: Blades Out

Can everyone in Britain please vote for Balk? Just scrawl it across the ballot...

Posted on May 6, 2010 at 5:18 am 0

On Oh God. It's the Rise of the Photoshop Machines!

omg...there goes my super important job of being cajoled into retouching friends photos before they go on facebook. What will I do?

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On Maybe It's Something About Circumcision?

There is this underlying thing in Britain that Jews don't play by the rules. Jews are seen as not following the rules of society, they bone teachers etc. Translates in Israel not playing by the rules.
But, whatever, they took it out now, clearly there is like one lonely heeb working for the Daily Mail.

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On The 16 Greatest YouTube-Embeddable Hard Rock Songs That Are Not By Guns N' Roses Or Van Halen

Aww shit. I can see it is gonna be one of those weeks where Sebastian Bach keeps me company a little more than I'd like.

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On The Food Junket Report: Burger King Unveils its New Broiler to Food Snobs

Oh man, I love the American Apparel ads. I probably wouldn't come here if I didn't get to check out some naked guys and girls. I wouldn't dare use adblocking, I'm to afraid I'll miss something really good. Like a new Butterfinger one (on that note, the anniversary of the Awl should totally run some throwback butterfingers or Paul Blart ads).

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On The Food Junket Report: Burger King Unveils its New Broiler to Food Snobs

Can't enjoy this with American Apparel judging me from the side.

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On Elderly British Lord Kicks Chinese Dragon Child's Ass

Oh, I didn't even notice the American Apparel ads were back. Awesome, I was a bit upset that they went away after the redesign. It makes reading the Awl so much more fun if you have someone on the side wearing not-very-much.

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On Cooking the Books: Julie Powell Makes Valentine's Day Liver

I was thinking, it totally shoulda been Natasha Lyonne. She is hot and badass.

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