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On Let's Not Say "'Buch"

We'll miss you too, Balk.

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On The 'Breaking Bad' Finale Spoiler You Won't See Anywhere Else On The Internet

What happens to Hurley?

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On White House Petitions For Death Stars Now Require 100,000 Signatures

@Caitieboo No?

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On New York City, August 21, 2012

@carpet Eighteen minutes. You can do better, c-pet.

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On The Sad Single Ladies On The New Haven Line

@Gabby Warshawer@twitter Go on ...

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On Obama Still Hates Gay Marriage, No Matter What You Want to Think

@jfruh Pretty sure Massachusetts never had civil unions. Romney did back a constitutional amendment to create them (and ban same-sex marriage), but that was a response to the SJC recognizing full marriage equality. It would have revoked rights for gay couples, not grant new ones.

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On Good News: 8 Out Of 9 Bridges Probably Okay

@jolie It's true, the only thing keeping Congress from funding something like that (or anything else for that matter!) is that Obama hasn't proposed it yet.

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On The Name Of The Actress

@mgw There was a link there at one point.

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On The Name Of The Actress

@jolie "Writer Choire Sicha meets Kate for lunch, but when she turns up at the restaurant she’s already eaten. Apparently, her meal consisted of some beetroot from a plastic container that’s now stained red and that, for no apparent reason, she will carry around for the rest of the day."

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