On Human Being Upset About the Shooting of His Father

Nah.. We pretty much leave the arbitrary killing to terrorists like your father and his whacky little club of suicide bombers.

Posted on May 10, 2011 at 4:33 pm 1

On Bad Man Dead

Tonight, he sleeps with Megatron.

Posted on May 2, 2011 at 9:51 am 4

On 27 TV Shows They Killed Too Early, In Order of Heartbreak

Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies need to be on that list.

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On Jesus Pops Up In The Oddest Places

Hanging it on the line seems appropriate.

Personally, I think it looks more like Pete Townsend, but I'm not an expert on these things.

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On Man Excited About Fancy New Toilet, Being On TV

Looks nice... until you come home drunk and try to hurl into the thing. Then, you're pretty much just puking on another bathroom countertop.

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On Dear Athenian Mercury: Questions And Answers From The First Advice Column In English

"Why a horse with a round fundament emits a square excrement?"

Quite possibly the best question in the history of advice columns.

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On ACORN Still Up To Its Filthy Old Tricks!

And, 75% of today's Republicans are too busy rigging the 2012 election to care.

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On A Guide to American Majority's Plan to Dismantle Public Schools

Eeesh... These odious and corrupt people make my skin crawl to the point where I need to take a shower after simply reading about them.

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On One Voter Explains: Why I Support Scott Walker

As someone on BadgerCare for all my prescriptions (even the ones that are currently keeping me alive that will probably be cut and kill me), I wonder if this woman wouldn't mind giving up her spot on BadgerCare to someone more worthy? She's the dead weight in the system, and she should see that. My taxes pay for this ungrateful woman's VA provided health care, the fact that she is scamming the system and receiving government provided care elsewhere beyond the VA when she doesn't need to is something that I find disgusting.

The list to get on BadgerCare is quite long, and there are people who need it as opposed to this person.

Posted on March 10, 2011 at 1:14 pm 15

On Texas Republicans Hate Every Jew But Jesus

Texas is fast becoming the crazy uncle no one likes talking about.

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