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On The "Louie" Bubble: Making Louis C.K. Human-Sized Again

I don't even know who he is. I see his name a lot on twitter. I had to look him up on who he is. I guess I need to stop living in my own bubble before Louis C.K's bubble bursts.

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On Saving the St. Mark's Bookshop (From Itself)

An Open Letter to Cooper Union
Dear Cooper Union:

Today you are meeting with the owners of the St. Mark's Bookshop to discuss a rent reduction that would keep this invaluable business afloat. So far, the owners say, you have not been "particularly sympathetic" to the situation.

You weren't particularly sympathetic in 1994 when you leased a gas station to the Bowery Bar, helping to set in motion a tsunami of hyper-gentrification. Bowery Bar's neighbor (gone now) put a lighted sign in his window saying, "Cooper Union: How could you do this to us?" More protesters responded, "Don't Party on the Poor." But the party raged on.

You weren't particularly sympathetic in 2000 when you leased the Astor Place parking lot for a luxury hotel that turned into a luxury condo tower--one that opened the door for more massive development in the East Village. One of your own faculty members at the time told the Observer, "[Peter Cooper] would die again if he knew what was going on. For him to find out what his legacy turned out to be, he would be appalled. He was never one for pure mercenary gain. It’s all about money, money, money."

You weren't particularly sympathetic in 2001 when you tried to demap Taras Shevchenko Place and the Ukrainians of the East Village fought back.

You weren't particularly sympathetic in 2004 when you painted over a popular 9/11 mural to make space for advertising on 35 Cooper Square. That little building was later sold to developers and demolished against more protests.

You aren't being particularly sympathetic now in your current plans to turn Astor Place into a corporate office park. The neighborhood has been fighting those plans for the past decade to no avail.

Even though, as we understand it, you make a mint on the Chrysler Building, which stands on your property and reportedly costs the city $8 million every year, you keep finding ways to make more money from the East Village. As New York Magazine put it, you have "helped to corporatize a once raffish and still artistically fertile area." People are angry. We have lost too much. We cannot lose one of the best bookstores in the city--a place that fuels the soul in an increasingly soulless neighborhood.

As of this writing, more than 24,000 people have signed the petition to save St. Mark's Bookshop. Will you be sympathetic to that enormous outcry? I hope you will surprise us and grant their request, but your track record does not inspire optimism.

A few years ago, I was inspired by a story in the documentary film Twilight Becomes Night. A group of Upper West Siders saved their local pharmacy from eviction by calling the bank that planned to move into the space, and telling them, "We will not use your services." The bank backed off. Suba Pharmacy still stands. So here's an idea: If St. Mark's Books is forced to close due to unyielding rent, whatever business moves into their space at 31 Third Avenue will be boycotted and protested by the thousands of people who read this blog and all the blogs connected to it. Nothing will thrive there--no bank, no cupcake shop, no kitten adoption center.

I'm sorry, but I can't be more sympathetic.

Vanishing New York

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On Saving the St. Mark's Bookshop (From Itself)

but cooper union isn't your typical landlord. cooper union is trying to charge market rate to st. mark's bookshop, yet they pay no property taxes to the city. if this a residential rental, c u won't be able to charge at market rate -- it'd be subsidized, much like the j-51 at stuy town (and look what happened there). but since this is a commercial rental, c u is getting away with charging at market rate. a greedy landlord is greedy, regardless if they're an institution for the advancement of arts and sciences or just your run of the mill out for the buck sleazy landlords. i suppose the cooper union apologistas would rather see a: pick one -- cupcake, ramen, fro-yo joint, a bank, starbucks, duane reade -- in place of st. mark's bookshop; they're the only one who can be a business that can act like one and can be in business to keep c u in business. instead of saying 'stop signing petitions and go buy a book', how about 'sign the petition and buy a book'. at least by signing a petition is an indication of public's will and spreads awareness on st. mark's bookshops plight to stay in business. and once people are aware of it, then maybe, and hopefully, they will buy a book.

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On The MoMA Admission Increase is Horrible

i hope they'd still continue the friday night free admission.

with these prices rising, soon, only the riches will be able to afford cultural stuff in nyc.

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On I Enjoy Being A Lesbian

i think i may be a lesbian trapped in a man's body

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On The Lake Show Closes

rondo had a dislocated elbow, not a separated shoulder

never liked phil jackson as a coach (both at bulls and lakers)-- he's a cry baby; always berates the referees for not getting the calls he wants. so maybe this is his comeuppance.

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On Sheila McClear, 'New York Post' Features Writer

*like* (as in i would have clicked a thumbs up or heart icon for this post, but there isn't any thus, i'm just gonna type them words)

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On 'Empire Strikes Back' Director Dies

may the force be with him, always

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On What Do You Do if You're Tumblr and You Just Got $25 Million+?

spend it more on lattes, macs and other apple related products, "marketing" and "promoting" tumblr via expensive hotels, dinners, etc., and hiring better prs.

i, too,have a soft-spot for tumblr. nonetheless, they need more experienced and professional business people there to make that platform revenue-y (which i think will never happen; i think, they are just waiting to be bought out by either google, yahoo, or facebook. it's the only way the investors are gonna get their investments and returns.

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On Gorillaz With Daley, "Doncamatic"

i like "on a melancholy hill" from their latest album "plastic beach", where mick jones and paul simonon of the clash are featured. there's also rumor that those two clash members will be touring with gorillaz.

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