On Neat, Did Monsanto Just Destroy America's Wheat Economy?

Now we'll see if Monsanto will sue to get paid royalties from the farms that sold the wheat that has destroyed the wheat market.

I don't know why she swallowed the fly . . .

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On What's Wrong with the HBO Movie?

Scarily enough, this is also the "strategy" for the SciFi (SyFy!) channel. Plus, I think that 1-2 million is too low. That's the number that SciFi was throwing around a couple of years ago for one of their Chupacabra/LungFish nature disaster movies.

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On Disposable Teens

@Pierce Nichols@facebook Yep, this Nomura banker still couldn't find it in her to understand what the OWS was all about. Too often the people who traditionally expect to be rich and powerful go about devouring everything in their path and mocking those who are hungry. Then when the food runs out they run about screaming, "look at poor me! now I'm hungry too!"

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On Disposable Teens

@jolie You're right. It is a different world. The DotCom recession, you lost your job, you were a pariah, less than nothing, and your benefits didn't last for 99 weeks. You personally were a failure, and there was no one to commiserate with you - they were all working. Many joined the military, where they were subsequently killed, wounded, or traumatized into being unemployable. I'm not saying that this whole situation today isn't terrible, it is, but it is really one of the many straws that is helping to break the camel's back, and I don't think its the very last one.

One thing that Choire, and a lot of people are saying today is exactly right. The questions that the young ones are asking are very scary. When I wasn't working, I was saying - a few more tries and I'll get a job I like - the government for the most part is good, people are good, businesses want productive workers.

The conversations going on today are hinting at a wholesale abandonment of the current system and a profound distrust of our elder fellow countrymen, and that should scare our leaders more than anything. If it is, they're not saying it, and they're not acting like they are taking this seriously.

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On A Conspiracy of Hogs: The McRib as Arbitrage

The most revelatory and unexpected fact of this article? That the McRib is actually meat.

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On An Interview with X-Men's Cyclops, Who Sucks

What, he stops at the Goblin Queen story - right before the Dark Phoenix Saga? He doesn't even look old enough to remember those two.

Plus- Nothing about Cyclops running the X-Men in to the ground and starting the new Uncanny X-Men with a bunch of supervillians/killers? LEADERSHIP.

And - EVERYONE knows that Jean Grey is coming back as a an nerfed Phoenix and Wolverine's girlfriend, right?

/Nerd pants back off

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On Fun Facts About Steve Jobs

We need a song in the vein of Adam Sandler's "Hanukkah" about famous Muslims and their contributions to American society.

"Barak and Steve are half-Muslim/Not too shabby!"

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On Cheap Gas? It Could Happen!

Yes, because commercial exploitation never causes precipitous declines in the global economy!

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On "Give Us Money or We'll Shoot This Dow"

@Lockheed Ventura -

YES! This makes perfect economic sense.

Except of course it defies the principle of the "first to market". You're not going to convince anyone to seriously align prices according to real income. The first one to do will be devoured. The only way that this is going to end is a significant economic collapse which can only be delayed (The Great Recession)and not avoided.

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On Five Democrats Who Should Run Against Obama

Best thing about these pro-liberal "Obama is a failure" articles have to be the total lack of understanding of failure in the context constitutional checks on executive power. The only thing better, of course, is the constant badgering that he "out Tea-Party" the Tea-Party by upping the left-wing political ante.

There seem to be few reasonable discussions about the limits of presidential power when working with a dysfunctional Senate and a radical House.

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