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On Ronald Reagan Ate Cake Naked On A Toilet First

@Mr. B it was as much a surprise to the lever as it was to me.

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On Ronald Reagan Ate Cake Naked On A Toilet First

“I know what it’s like to pull the Republican lever for the first time"

To be fair, Reagan was talkin' 'bout masturbation.

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On Guys, Say No To Over-Styling

If we really want to avoid being pretentious, why not go all the way?


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On Paul Ryan WineGate Shows He Has a Hard Time with Basic Math

Um, I did read the story, and it clearly states that they are dining at the establishment. Now the original story has changed from the time that I wrote my post, so perhaps there was some clarification.

Nevertheless, I have drunk many an expensive wine, scotch, etc, and I can tell you that I am always aware of the price "band" being comfortably in the middle class-I would be MORE concerned by the price if I were in a high-end wine establishment - in fact I probably wouldn't go because I'd be too embarrassed that I couldn't pay my share of the bill. Whether it was food or wine, willing or no, a man who claims that Washington is too big, greedy, elitist and self important, was drinking a bottle of $350 wine with HEDGE-FUNDERS, one of which claimed mind-bendingly that the President and Congress were responsible for the financial crisis? And you quibble about whether they dined or not?

Sir, here is the forest, which you probably could not see because of the pine needles lodged in your mouth.

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On Paul Ryan WineGate Shows He Has a Hard Time with Basic Math

@flossy Um, Yes, he has


You do understand that there are TWO sides to the Tea Party? Those who are the elite pay-masters and claiming a grass roots "revolution" to elect officials that propose legislation that weakens the middle class and strengthens the ultra wealthy at the expense of the poor? And of course the poor stupid fucks who listen to them and believe that they are the true voice of the American people?

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On Paul Ryan WineGate Shows He Has a Hard Time with Basic Math

If this serves to destroy the myth that the Tea Party is the party of the average-income, tax-paying, overworked "real" American, and their "everyday" people who they elected to Congress to serve them, then we need to shine a light on this. The false narrative that the republicans have impossibly been successful in telling is that the Democrats are somehow this evil elitist group of people who do not represent the American people because they do not understand the needs and concerns of the American people. They call the President an arugula eating, wine-sipping, cloistered intellectual.

If you don't see how an avowed Tea Party leader blowing five hundred bucks on a dinner for three in WASHINGTON is not news, then you have not been paying attention these past few years.

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On There Will Never Ever Be Jobs Again

@Lockheed Ventura As with most skills these days, even humans prefer robots to pleasure themselves. With robots? We have no chance.

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On There Will Never Ever Be Jobs Again

Oh, Business! I see what you did there! You spent millions lobbying for tax breaks and incentives to create an atmosphere of competetiveness in the US economy, Then you threaten if we don't extend the tax cuts, you'll have to start laying people off! Brilliant! And now that you got everyfuckingthingyiuwanted, you tell us that robots are cheaper, so go fuck yourselves, you obsolete pieces of shit!

Aren't we angry enough yet to start protesting in the streets ala Egypt?

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On Spiteful Millionaire Dog Dies, Leaves All Her Money To Cats

Does anyone else have the feeling that this dead woman would make a perfect candidate for Tea Party/Republican ticket of 2012? Her hotels were always top notch, though.

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On In The Future You Will Tap Someone On The Shoulder And Ask Them To Video Chat

Yes, were I in any normally adjusted country, that would be less than effective. But what about places where direct male to female communication is equal to public sex? Well, introductions might be a bit less harrowing- a lot more efficient than throwing a folded-up note into a passing car. . .

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