On Brand Citizens United

Toilet paper so tough, it doesn't take shit from anyone.

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On Premium Gore

It's funny, I have a friend who DVR's both Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, just so she can fast forward past all the gore. It's partly to avoid disgust and her own phobia of knives and blades, but also, in the case of Walking Dead, she says the Zombies get annoying with their constant moaning and groaning.

I think she needs a Premium Goreless remix.

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On The Airbnb Hole

"The symbol is not supposed to be a symbol, it’s supposed to be something with meaning."


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On A Harvard Story

How dare the writer bring up class issues! Hard work and honesty always pays off, everyone can make it in America, [insert more platitudes here].

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On The "War" Is "Over"

Never Mind the Baghdad, Here's the Waziristan.

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On Are You Good Or Bad?

What if I'm a stock character? An extra in my own life? What then!?

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On Blackwater and the "Military Aged Males" of Iraq

@Niko Bellic Military Aged Monkeys typing aggressively towards the writer's block.

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On Higgs and the Certainty of Physicists

And the universe was without mass, and very hot; and weirdness was upon the face of the deep.
And the Higgs boson moved upon the face of the cooling particles.
And Higgs said, Let there be mass: and there was mass.
And Higgs felt the mass, that it was good...

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On North Dakota: The Rise of an American Petrostate

@Socialism Socks So how much diesel may I put in your drinking water today? As a percentage of course. Also, I reserve my right to add secret ingredients.

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