On The Rolling Stones, In Order

Between The Buttons is one of their most underrated albums if you ask me (what's that? no one did? got it!):


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On How Many Used Books Did Morrissey And His Elderly Female Accomplice Steal From The Strand?

Death at One's Elbow? Sorry, that's all I got.

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On Comedy Anesthetizing

If comedy changed something other than your mood then would it be still be comedy?

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On Eggs, In Order


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On Larry David's Rough Night Out With The Aging Literary Lion

After roaring and while he was leaving the room was Yates heard singing "Master of the House" in the hallway?

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On Dog Bites Sad Man

@keisertroll Some dogs are nice and some dogs can bite you...

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On Dog Bites Sad Man

How Soon Is Owww?

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On Metallica Machine Music

Shit, are they bringing back the orchestra too?

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On Three New Morrissey Tracks

I agree. The only worthwhile song is the one posted above. But who knows if these songs would even make the new album? They definitely sound like B-sides to me.

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On Pearl Jam Songs, 1991-1996, In Order

Switch out Yellow Ledbetter with Hail, Hail and you got it right.

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