On Watches are the Devil's Accoutrement!

@toondeef I was under the impression that the face on the outside of the wrist was the "correct" position.
However, my father worked as a delivery truck driver when I was a baby, and later in a factory. He says that wearing the face out, he was forever smashing the crystal on doorjambs and shelving and such, so he turned his watch so the face was on his inner wrist.
Growing up, and taking my cues for how to behave and act from my Dad, I wore my watch face-in, too.
It was only years later that I realized many consider that "wrong" or "weird." But to this day, it just doesn't feel comfortable on the outside of my wrist.

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On Watches are the Devil's Accoutrement!

@My Number Is My Address well said.

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On The Worst Book Trailer in History

That DeMille trailer was clearly written by a script bot with access to google images. maybe it was originally intended to be one of those way-cool HMTL5/Google Chrome demos, but they ran out of money?
anyway, as Tully says: sinis-

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On Chocolate Chip: I Was Not A Rap Video Ho

"I hate when it's a huge problem when Black people do the same thing other people do."

I've never understood how members of an oppressed minority can turn around and deal hate and oppression out to other minorities.
But I guess, since it's not a Straight White Male thing, I wouldn't understand...

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On Chocolate Chip: I Was Not A Rap Video Ho

My sister-in-law was a set designer/decorator for many years in NYC. She worked with a lot of big names during her time in the biz. But one of her most insulting and irksome moments came at the hands of P.Diddy.
First off, my sister in law is not a small woman. She's 5'8" and proportionally built, kay?
She and her crew were up for 24 hours straight dressing the set for hiz Highness's shoot, when Diddy comes on set, looks at her, and says, "Get the fatties off my set, they're killing my energy."

On the upside, she did get to work with Lenny Kravitz who, when it was pointed out to him that he might want to take a shower, as he was pretty ripe, replied, "If you wants to be funky, you gots to BE funky..."

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On Blackberry: Now Making Interpersonal Communication Even More Difficult

RIM just didn't want this flirty girl to stretch your suspension of disbelief TOO far...

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On The Choire Sicha Memorial Cat Video Post

oh, and, ou-est Choire?

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On The Choire Sicha Memorial Cat Video Post

the cat should reward them by taking a big dump on their pale grey carpet, then shredding the fuck out of that ugly sofa.

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On Inconsistent Pleadings: When and How to Say "F***ing" At Work

I think maybe that your reading of this article is not consistent with the content of the article.

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On Japanese Whaling Ship Crushes Super-Action Activist Boat

...and, I'm sorry, but where does Maritime Law come down on this kind of behaviour? Is Japan at war with Sea Shepard? If not, I think they got some 'splainin' to do!

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