On What Books Make You Cringe To Remember?

@Leon Saint-Jean "but...I dunno, these books we're talking about cringing at probably have a shit more connection to who we are and how we got that way than whatever you leave out on your coffeetable to seem dope when you bring a new partner back for the first time."

Oh yes totally. We have grown out of whatever drove us to read and identify with these books. I remember I read Steppenwolf because it was a favorite book of a (douche) guy I was sleeping with. Fail. I refuse to read any Herman Hesse ever again.

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On Are You Jewish?

@Niko Bellic I assume you are baiting for someone to argue with you ... so here I go. In some ways I see what you are saying and I might even agree. Having a relative from Ireland 100 years ago means little to nothing compared to what a country's identity means today. But I can't deny that my "ancestry" has shaped my immediate culture and personality. I've learned though, that Europeans are incredibly proud of their respective countries and can be very bitter about the American of sense of individuality. Sort of like what you are doing here in calling us "nothing". What a loaded statement. I guess Americans are like mutts ... who think they are super unique based off their history but are probably just vain.

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On Occupy Wall Street Runs Out of Ideas

@DoctorDisaster http://subwayartblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/jim-joe-tags-above-graffiti-wall-400x300.jpg

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On Occupy Wall Street Runs Out of Ideas

This is Shepard Fairey's design. So it's really Shepard Fairey who has ran out of ideas. Still very nice of him. Are you saying they should create their own artwork? Why not let the professional if he is willing?

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On What's Invisible At Harvard: A Conversation

Why is everyone so fucking nasty about the fact the these two crazy kids went to harvard? Wow they were bright, had goals but didn't have a lot of money. ASSHOLES.

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On What's Invisible At Harvard: A Conversation

This was great. I've heard and seen other people speak about this education not being a right thing and it repulses me. Fight the power.

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On Elements of Stale, with Luke Mazur: "How You Doin'?"

This is the difference as I see it:
Joey Tribiani '99 - "How you doin'?"
Wendy Williams (noidea) - "Howyoudewnnn?"

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On Roman Polanski: Yes, Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

@lacieca -yes

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