On How to Eat at Chipotle

Black beans and pinto beans are pretty similar in terms of nutrition but the pinto beans at Chipotle are actually done in pork juice so they're probably worse for you.

I eat meat but I think the vegetarian options at Chipotle are very good.

@Polly Peachum I think your loathing of Chipotle is misplaced. As far as fast food goes, it's actually very good. Everything is fresh and high quality and they have good ethical standards (not just because they say so - it's also been reviewed by the likes of Peter Singer and Jim Mason). It's better quality than a lot of stuff you'd get in the Mission in SF, though admittedly more expensive as well.

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On My Summer on the Content Farm

"Long-winded, rambling and way too wordy"? Sorry, you're wrong. The article hooked me from the first sentence. It was a cracking read! She just happens to be writing for humans rather than search engines. If you lost interest half way through, clearly writing for Demand Media has brainwashed you about what good web content is and spoiled you for the finer stuff in life.

Also, it's spelled "measly" not "measley".

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