On Everyone's Secret History

Ah, yes, at a dinner date more than half a year ago in the Indian summer of my early late twenties I prefaced a charmingly blue anecdote by setting the scene at my alma mater, a small liberal arts college in a Connecticut town not quite as populous as Bridgeport.

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On Coming Soon (Again): The White Guy’s Nonwhite Sidekick

Valuing a character based on his relationship to the protagonist is both what you're doing here and what you're demonizing here. I'm not sure labeling characters as "sidekicks" based on a trailer (seriously? based on a trailer?!) is less a disservice than their creators have done by allowing their point of view to complement rather than direct the dramatic premise of a story.

Also, in 2010, 72.4% of Americans were white, and most of us under the age of 65 were dudes. That means movies made here are probably going to have at least that many white dudes as protagonists. So what? Why can't you identify with a white man if his is a story with universal truth? My favorite movies aren't about white dudes, they're about friendships. Wayne's World, Thelma and Louise, E.T., Man on Fire. Some of these are about dudes, some of these are about white people, but they're all about something bigger.

You can be cynical and say that anyone who is both not a white dude and not a protagonist is a gimmick, but that's all you're being, not incendiary or progressive or a champion, but a cynic.

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On Light Drizzle Predicted For New York

i don't know what has more layers, choire's weather posts or my winter storm ensemble.

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On Skin Colorists Bad

this is how i felt and very similar to what i experienced working in the entertainment department of a cruise ship, where everyone is supposedly having fun for a living in exotic locales and on the open sea, but, after clocking out, descend to E deck, where they cry uncontrollably in their windowless cabin.

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On The Mystery Of The Whole Foods Giant Bread: Solved

does anyone know what's up with that cool-looking building that is falling apart right in front of this whole foods?

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On A Midseason Tally: Who's Up, Who's Down

i wish you guys would talk about hockey sometimes

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On Rob Lowe Is Untouchable

i just did this laugh where it starts out as a brief, concentrated explosion of laughter then about forty-five seconds of aftershock chuckling then a second, lower-level laughter explosion, and then some wheezing and then the ultimate finally-caught-my-breath, post-laughter sigh.

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On Edith Zimmerman on Chris Evans and the Gutters of L.A.

classic seed-planting. edith will definitely be tapping that in 3-6 months.

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On The Weird, Frictionless Politics Of 'Parks And Recreation'

especially in "non-essential" departments like parks, to which i can attest as a former park ranger. you know, a walkie-talkie costs like six grand, right? and we get new ones like every other year, but that doesn't mean it's the reason children aren't getting a new chalkboard let alone a proper education. in conclusion, this article is bogus. people need to stop being so serious about comedy!

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On 'Repo Games': Turning Poverty Into A Game Show

@ep i think the thing about consumer demand re: television programming is that consumption and the demand for it are not properly measured; the neilson system seems fucked, and a business model in the television industry does not necessarily (if at all) correlate with demand. i haven't read pozner, so i don't know if she makes that part of her argument, but i think it has a lot to do with why cable sucks.

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