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On America's High Schools Still Top Producers of Violent YouTube Content

Maybe we should just go back into the trees.

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On This Really Is the Best Debate Season Ever

The majority of constituents suffer the same malady.

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On The Youngs Confront Their Oversharing: Blogs B4 Boyfriendz

A+, would LOL again

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On The Recession's Bravest: I Was an English Major Who Taught Your Children Math

Serious ugly-laughing going on over here right now.

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On Belle & Sebastian With Jenny Lewis, "Lazy Line Painter Jane" Live

So many! Jonathan David, Like Dylan in the Movies, Don't Leave the Light on Baby, The Loneliness of the Middle-Distance Runner, Sleep the Clock Around, Seeing Other People, A Summer Wasting. (Essentially anything that had nothing to do with Dear Catastrophe Waitress.)

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On 31 Days of Horror: "Bad Biology"

I-- I just love this series so much. I'll be sad when it's over. Good work.

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On You Can Put Your Top Back On Now: Rediscovering the Women of Fluxus at MoMA

Fluxus! I love you!
Semi-related: Pauline Oliveros is insane, lovable, snuggable, and ever in my personal pantheon.

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On Firefox Eats Its Own Tail

Two things:

Windows users bitching about Firefox -- Google search for Pale Moon, download, fall in love all over again.

Also, IE 9 (I can't believe I'm saying this) is wicked fast. No, seriously, I promise.

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Needs more Reagan, though.

(Seriously, this is both a joy and a delight.)

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On Writers That Complain Should Be Roundly Mocked, Beaten

I'm tired after just reading your comment!

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