On What It Cost Eight Women Writers To Make It In New York

Slightly off topic Public Service Announcement, but: Please read Dawn Powell, guys! Please! She's just as good (/so much better?) than Dorothy Parker. She moved to New York from Ohio in 1918. All of her books are vaguely about "making it" in New York-- they're all wonderful. Start with Turn Magic Wheel.

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On Brooklyn Is Hardcover Book Country

I love my Nook. I love my books. Sometimes, when I really love a book, I buy both the ebook for convenience and the physical book for preservation.

You're welcome, publishers.

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On Secession and the City: Let's Get Out of This State!

As a former resident of a what was once a "slave state," I'd just like to point out that even in the 1700s, there was more to the South than slavery and that it perhaps it wasn't unreasonable for us to wish for a capitol more in the middle as suggested in the first paragraph.

Meanwhile, New York and the Northeast was relying on cotton and raw goods produced in the South to supply factories and industries in the North. Sorry Mr. Hamilton, but we're all one big happy country. We must share our successes and our sins.

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