On Harry Potter and the Incredibly Conservative Aristocratic Children's Club

Little Tommy used to talk about Harry Potter all the time. Said he wished he would get a letter in the mail, too.

...then we found the tortured cats...

and now, he's a satan worshipper (republican).

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On 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows': Two Nerds Geek Out

I'm Team Dan in that I was absolutely thrilled that the movie was as watchable as it was, and the trio moments were wonderful. But I'm also Team Natasha in that I'm absolutely thrilled that Natasha likes Harry Potter as much as I do.


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On One More Thing To Blame Your Parents For

Two words: cognitive bias.

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On This Is Why Your Startup Failed: The Magic of Quora

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On How to Plan a Road Trip

A+, but the chapter I would most like to read is How To Get Published On The Awl Without Using Any Actual Brain Cells. Maybe next week?

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On I Finally Got a Kindle and I Love It but I Am Scared of Fascism

Oh, stop being such an Old.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages by more than a few pounds.

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On Don't Ever Say "Courtney Love" Three Times While Looking in a Mirror

"...using those Nirvana dollars to do stupid things."

Fuck you very much for this. Also, my freshman year called and it would like it's writing style (aka "the dark mirror of our desires") back, please.

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