On Things You Can Do At JFK For 8 Hours

@s. In point of fact, I did just that a few years ago and almost completely slept right through my plane hitting geese and having to land after the engine died.

I then went back to the lounge and had more than enough justification to get drunk again!

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On Things You Can Do At JFK For 8 Hours

The $40 you spent on drinks would've gotten you into a lounge with free drinks and good wifi!

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On Is Andre 3000 Better At Rap Than Biggie Was?

You can make all the intellectual arguments about how Andre 3000 is technically better at this or that (and he is good!) but Biggie is Yoda in the sky and Andre 3000 is Luke Skywalker fighting side by side with Ewoks.

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On Did the Gay Witches On "Buffy" Cause America To Accept Same-Sex Marriage?


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On Bloomberg Magazine: "It's Global Warming, Stupid"

Oh my, the Facebook comments are just precious. HAARM? Chemtrails? Lunatics.

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On Brooklyn Smug Reaches New Hideous Heights

@C_Webb Well the National Guard is assembling now...near Gramercy. Although that's because that's where the Armory is. Not sure exactly where they'll be deployed.

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On Silly Locals Think Alien Spacecraft Is Terrifying Secret Government Project

Finally, the Culture have come back to pick me up.

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On Cat Power Is Playing Tonight, But I Won't Be Going To See Her

Yeah but if she sees a half empty floor, she'll freak out and drink even more!

But that does make me sad, a few years ago, she proclaimed at a show how proud she was to be sober. Then she said her Matador rep was in the audience and half joked, "Back to work bitch."

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On Who Wants to Buy Joss Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing" with Me?

@mishaps Word. If Whedon set up some kind of lifetime subscription to all of his work, I would gladly pay.

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On My Undivided Attention

Ok real talk, so I'm a self-diagnosed ADHD and I score off the charts on every Aspergers test out there. I finally decided to get a professional opinion and after seeing my test results, she asked one question: do you have a problem keeping down a steady job? Mostly because of my chosen profession (software! so I talk to computers all day), I basically don't to which she advised, well if it's not affecting you negatively, there's no reason to stigmatize yourself and put it on your permanent record.

I'm probably gonna get a second opinion just because I have to know but she kinda had a point.

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