On The Ten Worst Augusts of the Last Ten Years

@Peter Feld And shark attacks! Don't forget shark attacks!

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On My Five-Part Plan For Fixing New York's Bike Problem

@djfreshie Sorry, you're either lazy or ignorant. I, too, bike to my place on a maze of one-way streets. But you know what? The law is the law. I either ride around the block or walk my bike down the block. How fucking difficult is that? Hint: it's not. And it's not going to kill you! Stop being a jerk and giving fodder to all the bike haters. Jesus Christ, just ride for an extra minute or two. It's good for you!

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On The Great Las Vegas Monorail Fail

Actually, that's entirely dependent on who runs the system. If it is a city-run system, and the city benefits from real estate taxes and property tax revenue, then it could very well break even. Unfortunately, there's no line-item in a city's financials for "property taxes for new development built within 5 blocks of transit since transit was planned."

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On The Great Las Vegas Monorail Fail

Exactly. Because public transit is not self-sustainable in a bubble. When the benefits of development, increased productivity, reduced congestion, cleaner air and water, and walkable communities that breed healthy individuals are all factored in, public transit more than breaks even.

All this failure shows is that fat, lazy tourists prefer stepping outside and hail a cab over climbing the stairs to ride a train.

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On Here Is What Needs To Happen For Gay Marriage To Pass

Thank God, I'm glad someone else is saying it.

Gay marriage should take a backseat to granting people basic discrimination protections that a great majority of even conservatives agree gays should have.

As long as gay marriage remains the top priority of gay activists, discrimination laws in other states won't pass, because conservatives will argue that it's a backdoor method of legalizing gay marriage.

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