On My Summer on the Content Farm

Niltiac, yes, I made a couple of errors. I was tired with little sleep. Measly is one of those words I commonly misspell, even though I should know better. We all have those problem words.

My issue with this entire post is the fact that the writer only edited three articles. Three! And she calles that a summer? Seriously?

And please, do not condescend me by suggesting I've been "brainwashed." That's ridiculous. Perhaps this article was catchy in the beginning, but once I realized her whole experience with DMS was a whopping (not) three articles, she lost all credibility. This is not an "insider's" look into the whole process.

Now, if she'd spent three months actually editing every day, perhaps she would have the credibility necessary to critique the entire process and company. However, she doesn't. She simply does not know what she's talking about.

I am a writer. I write. I compose other works besides DMS, and they're pretty damned good, too. DMS puts money in my bank, though. And while I'm writing content, I might learn a few things, too. Researching is half the fun of writing here. I might write about biological subjects, home decor and design, and give party advice. My favorite articles so far have had to do with plant biology.

Yes, believe it or not, DMS does offer its readers information about things other than how to hang a piece of artwork or how to make ice cream. And we must cite credible sources -- .edu, .org., .gov, .com (as long as it is credible) We can't just reference a blog and get away with it. We can't even cite a commercial site unless the article in question pertains to that particular product. It's called "credibility."

The bottom line is, I know I'm writing content. It's what I do to feed my family. But I also enjoy it. I have made friends out of colleagues there.

You may think it's a crock of BS, and that's perfectly fine by me. But for Ms. Collins to write an overly critical piece about being an editor after only editing THREE whole articles is just asinine. For anyone to take that sort of inexperience seriously is also equally foolish.

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On My Summer on the Content Farm

I'm a writer for DMS. You honestly can't call three measley articles a "summer."

Your article is long-winded, rambling and way too wordy. I completely lost interest half-way through.

I know several editors who can clear $20-$25 an hour editing, and I know writers who regularly earn $2,000 a month there - and not writing the $25 articles. It takes time to learn the ropes, as with any new job.

You didn't even give it a chance. I gave it a cursory glance with an opinion already formed. Credibilty? None.

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