On Sharron Angle's Mormon Ally: Harry Reid "Trampled" on the LDS Church

Yeah, it can't be said enough that "FORMER BISHOP" DOES NOT IN ANY WAY SPEAK FOR NV MORMONS! The Church doesn't work that way. If they wanted Harry Reid to retire, THEY'd call him, not some guy. I can almost guarantee "Former Bishop" got in some serious trouble. The church very loudly does not tell anyone how to vote or whom to vote for. They encouraged people to vote against gay marriage, true... but it had been 30 years previous to that since they had said anything political, and even on gay marriage they were very strategically abstract in their comments.

If anything, they've told members to vote for the person they feel is most likely to listen for and follow the promptings of the Lord, independent of platform or party affiliation.

Posted on November 4, 2010 at 3:22 pm 0