I am made of meat.

On Alternate Names for the Neighborhood Unfortunately Referred to As "Quooklyn" by the New York Times, Ranked

It could be worse; you could be living in San Francisco's "Tendernob."

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On Six Essential Hobby Lobby Products (And Where To Buy Them Now)

Hobby Lobby doesn't want to provide contraception to WOMEN. Men still have vasectomies covered. As well as Viagra.

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On The Male Topknot Takes New York

@Bro Knot@facebook Stop trying to make "fetch" happen.

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On Four Twenty

It's always great to see Americans come together to celebrate Hitler's birthday.

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On Disbelief Registered

Vaping, mostly.

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On Mt. Gox Topples

Who would have thought that an unregulated market in an untracable, intangible good would go bad?!?!?!

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On The Great Crypto Stagecoach Robbery

'And finally, the lesson is not that we ought to seek out "regulation" to save us from the evils and incompetence of man.'

This is hilarious.

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On Shh, Nobody Move: The Republicans Are Sane Again!

"its", goddamit, "its" NOT FUCKING "it's"
God, do I have to everything myself around here?

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On New York Times: At Least 24 People Use Google Plus

I really like G+. It's like Facebook, but without my parents or anybody I went to highschool with.

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On Are Twitter, LinkedIn And Facebook Worth Anything?

Thank god Comcast is getting more power and money. That beloved, scrappy little start-up needs all the help it can get to compete!

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