On Provocations of a Bad Jingle Writer

Beats working a "real" job. There are thousands of musicians, many of them immensely talented, who'd gladly trade their jobs for yours.

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On Reasons to Weep

From the GAO:

"For tax year 2010 (the most recent information available), profitable U.S. corporations that filed a Schedule M-3 paid U.S. federal income taxes amounting to about 13 percent of the pretax worldwide income that they reported in their financial statements (for those entities included in their tax returns). When foreign and state and local income taxes are included, the ETR for profitable filers increases to around 17 percent." (http://gao.gov/products/GAO-13-520)

Bresch ought to stop her crying a find a better accountant.

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On How to Beat the Whiskey Shortage

Well, if there's a whiskey shortage afoot, thank goodness it's almost Memorial Day -- Negroni Season is almost here!

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On A Postcard from San Francisco

"He wore a suit jacket and a densely woven shirt with french cuffs. Cufflinks. He didn't wear a belt on his black jeans, and I assumed that it was intentional; it was a good look."

No, it wasn't.

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On Trains, In Order

I believe Billy Strayhorn would like a word with you.

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On Do NOT Use An Umbrella For Snow, What Is WRONG With You?

" I don't know why we don't use umbrellas for snow as we do for rain ..."

Because snow, particularly when it's well below freezing, isn't very wet.

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On Give It Up For The Little Guy (Or Don't???)

Speaking as a young-ish (well, almost middle-aged), healthy, not particularly little male, my default position on a train that doesn't have plenty of seats to spare is to stand. This is because a) there very likely is or will be someone else on the train who needs a seat more than I, and b) because I don't want to worry about having to ascertain who that person may or may not be.

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On The Zooey Deschanel Of Suffixes

No love for "-bag"?

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On Thoughts On Thoughts On Shorts

I'd add that while wearing a necktie with short sleeves is probably the least egregious element of this ensemble, it's also highly self-beclowning.

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On American Cities I'd Prefer To See Get Blown Up In The Movies Instead of New York

If only there were an American city on the moon.

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