If the future isn't bright, at least it's colorful

On Our State Of The Union


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On Our Friends Introduced Us To This Wonderful Band

agh I thought you just handed over controls to someone who <3'd Odd Future and VFiles too much, and was waiting it out. Call me when it's not an automated Youtube feed.

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On The Olds Don't Know Where Facebook Is

if you don't just call it "The Fartsbook" you're probably doing it wrong tho – a youngish

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On The Entire History Of Human Communication Culminates In This Moment

@Danzig! No, Mobute is Boniface of Helldump fame

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On Michael Crichton's 'Sphere': The Power of Positive Thinking

@MaggieL Yeah, same deal - for some reason I remember it being the lady who MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT HAVE given up the powers

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On Animated "Achewood"

ONSTAD! How can I trust you now?

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On Beyond Nemo: The Buffalo Weather Service's Odd, Delightful Way With Storm Names

If only the best plows in the business would make a detour to the East Side once in a while #localgrumble

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On The New Satanism: Ke$ha's Amazing Occult Ritual Sex-Magick Video

love this, love Ke$ha, love Satan

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On Women: Always Gabbing About Dating, Updating Facebook

I liked this game way better when it was on every page of the Delia*s catalogue

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On 'Naked Came The Stranger': The Dirtiest Book Ever Written By A Group Of Newspaper Guys

The first episode of Miss Advised is free on iTunes! It's kind of how you'd expect it to be except actually a lot worse.

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