On Why Are You People Watching Socialcam 9/11 Truther Videos?

No link to the video?

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On Men Once Again Victims Of Workplace Double Standard

"Researchers were unable to locate a woman's world for comparative testing."

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On How To Get And Keep A Mentor

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On Is Twitter Your Job? Is It Paying You? So What Are You Doing?

Twitter is an IV for the drug of being read.

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On Some Thoughts On 'Jack and Jill'

On behalf of America, thank you for a thoughtful, even-handed look at a certainly important piece of cinema.

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On Herman Cain Slogans from the Internet, In Order

I'm pretty sure they meant to spell it "polls."

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On The Startup Scene Has All Been Downhill Since Color Bombed

So you're saying that at a conference predicated on tech people partying and socializing and run by Arrington the most useful app was determined to be one that replicated a party and socializing using technology in which Arrington had invested? I'm floored.

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On What A Pack Of Cigarettes Costs, State By State

Threw the data into a quick little infographic, for no really good reason.


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On Bomb the Ace Hotel! Every Geek and Blogger Now A Microcelebrity!

On the plus side, it appears that "Mediaite" is now a real word.

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