History Revised

Now in a discovery reported by an international team in the journal Science, the new dinosaur species, Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus (KOO-lin-dah-DRO-mee-us ZAH-bike-kal-ik-kuss), suggests that feathers were all in the family. That's because the newly unearthed 4.5-foot-long (1.5 meter) two-legged runner was an "ornithischian" beaked dinosaur, belonging to a group ancestrally distinct from past theropod discoveries.
So, says the study's lead author, "[f]eathers are not a characteristic [just] of birds but of all dinosaurs." The de-lizarding of dinosaurs has been a gradual humiliation, not just for the creatures themselves but for generations of children who lent them their most imaginative years. Now there are only feathers and teeth.

M.I.A., "Gold"

Just under two minutes of helpful forward propulsion for a deathly Friday. One foot in front of the other. Finger to the left, next finger to the right. Space, tap, tap tap, send. Start the song again.

"Better and Worse Than You Thought It Was"

Awl pal Anne Helen Petersen on Harvey Levin's empire of slime: READ MORE

A Framework for the Public Sharing of Internet Posts

In response to recent conversations regarding the public/private status of Internet Posts, a proposal for a framework for the sharing of Internet Posts: READ MORE

Queen Steps Into Frame Of Photograph Unbeknownst To Subjects Of Said Photograph, Smiles To Indicate Knowledge That Her Action Constitutes A Familiar Manner Of Modern Mischief

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Low, "I'm on Fire"

Low covers Bruce Springsteen, 30 years later. Here, from the same upcoming tribute, are Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires with a rendition of "Born in the USA." [Via Stereogum]

Future Foretold

Buried a little too deep in The New Yorker's content mines for the site's recent excavation, but available here, is John Seabrook's legendary 1994 embed with MTV. From the office of the president of the network, Judy McGrath: READ MORE

History Recorded


Twin Peaks, "I Found A New Way"

A screamy and memorable addition to the under-served "walking around music" genre, from Chicago's Twin Peaks. [Via]

Weezer, "Back To The Shack"

There is an alleviating simplicity to this song, which goes mostly where you expect it to until Rivers Cuomo starts talking about "rocking out like it's '94" and then suddenly things become quite dark.