On Spunky Local Website Gets New Server, Apologizes

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On Spunky Local Website Gets New Server, Apologizes

I wasn't gonna say anything... But glad you fixed it!

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On Let Us Spamertain You

let's say I obsessively check the Awl all-day-erry-day: will the newsletter provide me with anything I don't already know? Extra special bear videos?

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On A Short End-of-Year Series

Thanks for a wonderful year of reading! I get all my Bear-related news from the Awl. And I always click on your ads and sponsored posts because you deserve it

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On Save the Date: The Holiday Awl Bawl, December 2nd

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On Frank Ocean, "Thinking About You"

the way I imagine things:
with artists who have a lot of "buzz" but (presumably) not a big budget for videos, they will just attach their songs to whatever video comes along from an aspring student/friend/associate/artist who wants to hitch a ride on a rising star and is willing to give them something (possibly even a weird project they were already working on, struggling to fund) for free or cheap. Sometimes the results are great, sometimes maybe not so much...

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On Idris Elba, "Private Garden"

yeah, String Bell is sex. The scene w/ the hand on the zipper and that big wet kiss... no denying. but this is absolutely awful music, right??? Why aren't we all making fun of this?

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On Williamsburg Nail Shop Wins Pun Contest

can we please talk about "Cutie Calls" nail salon on Metropolitan/Graham?
I have been running this over in my mind for at least a year. Is it a play on "cuticles" or "booty calls" or both? Is it a "nail shop" that is actually an escort service? Can't help but notice they never have any customers...

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On Performance Art Is Still Here

People are so worried about all the things the internet is "killing." Does it ever occur to them, "Maybe I'm just not doing anything very interesting... to anyone... at all?" And sure, maybe the internet levels that playing field a bit. But really, youtube and performance art... I'm not sure they're related in any way shape or form. Performance is performance. Documentation is something different. The method of delivery is something else entirely, and does the person who wrote this article know that this argument began (and ended?) several decades ago?

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On Performance Art Is Still Here


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