On A Poem By Patricia Lockwood

@377583661@twitter Good to see the ol' rape/onion equivalency brought up already. Fuck off, you piece of trash. You're ruining a moment.

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On A Poem By Patricia Lockwood

Just here to compliment this.

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On Three Handjobs Is A Trend

"There is no manual." - Clearly, there is.

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On How To Lie To Kids About Santa

Haha, don't have kids!

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On Penis Rays, Self-Loathing and Psychic Voodoo: Autobiographical Cartoonists on Truth and Lies

This was excellent. Thanks.

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On A Poem By Sherman Alexie

"Your Google Alert on Sherman Alexie has been created."

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On The Worst Sounds In The World

Oh thank heavens, I've been looking everywhere for my bucket list.

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On Two Poems By Patricia Lockwood

Do yourself a giant favor and follow this girl on Twitter, it'll be the best thing you do all week: @TriciaLockwood. Sext her.

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On The Tetris Effect

Jumping on the "Wow" train. Perfectly interwoven. Choo choo.

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On The Real Story Of The Salem Witch Trials

beaver asshole. double whammy.

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