On Throwing Muses, Live on Tour

Apparently, they have 30 new songs recorded and editing it down to release a new record in 2012

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On The New Old Kate Bush: The Kick Upside (the Head)

I was surprised by this too.. but I heard that the record company was going to create a new Hits package, a la "The Whole Story," and instead of doing that she felt that it would have been more of an effort to revisit and re-structure some of them. And the tracks picked were the best from both records... but the biggest surprise for me was that she re-corded This Woman's Work.. which is near perfect. Don't what she'll do with that one.

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On Mashups: The Other Time that Prince Met Kate Bush

WHY SHOULD I LOVE YOU is terrible!
This mash-up though is Brilliant!
Thanks for pointing this out.

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